Granite vases and planters

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Vases and Planters

Click on the images below to enlarge.

Classic Turned Vase in SD Pink

Classic Turned Vase

Croix Vase in Carnation Pink

Croix Vase

Heart Vase in Super Gray

Heart Vase

Laserable Vase in Jet Black

Laserable Vase

Ornate Turned Vase in Chestnut Red

Ornate Turned Vase

Sqare Tapered Vase in Super Gray

Square Tapered Vase

Timeless Vase in Super Gray

Timeless Vase

PL04 in Super Gray


PL05 in Super Gray


PL11 in Super Gray


Planter02 in Super Gray


PL02 in Super Gray


PL02F in Super Gray


Super Gray Mary Statue
Mary Statue

Super Gray Jesus Statue
Jesus Statue